Self-service kiosks find applications across many industries. Here is why.

Posted in News, Software on November 8, 2019

Present information in a visually attractive and entertaining way Present information in a visually attractive and entertaining way. Touchscreen kiosks offer intuitive user interfaces that are visual, expressive, easily managed and timed to drive customer success metrics.Touchscreen capability enables customers to easily navigate information. Kiosks allow users to share information, scan, print, information, call activation, make purchases, and wayfinding. s Offer 24/7 service Self-service kiosks are widely used to perform repetitive tasks around the clock where after hours customer service is needed. Highly integrated with other platforms and websites Our Content Management Software QwickManager is a cloud-based application that allows the user to add, update, edit, or delete information displayed on interactive kiosks or digital signage, quickly and easily. All information is updated instantly through the cloud Using QwickManager, setting up an event is very similar to using Outlook or Google Calendar. You simply double click the time slot to add an event. Enter a title, description, and choose a location Connected, managed remotely All machines are visible on our VPN and can be accessed via RDP (remote desktop protocol) or VPN (virtual network computing). Software will also record date/time when software is synced. We can push software patches ...

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