How Sam’s Club is Re-Imagining the Future of Retail

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In our highly visual world, Sam’s Club is pushing digital boundaries and leveraging technologies to engage a new generation of shoppers, define the cutting edge of brand experience and help shape the future of retail. Sam’s Club did this with the help of digital solutions provider Wovenmedia, which powers the Sam’s Club networks with its flagship software, premium content, and end-to-end suite of services. And at Digital Signage Expo 2020, there is a special session dedicated to just that. It’s co-presented by Sam’s Club Sr. Growth Marketing Manager Drew Frost and Wovenmedia’s CEO Susie Opare-Abetia. Digital Signage Connection caught up with Opare-Abetia to expand on Wovenmedia’s role in this digital transformation and what attendees can expect from the session at DSE:

Q: How did Sam’s Club and Wovenmedia come to work with each other?

A: Since 2013, Wovenmedia has been the solution provider of choice for in-club digital signage networks at Sam’s Club. Over the years, the company has supported a number of full-chain deployments and smaller scale pilot projects in various departments.

The partnership started when Wovenmedia was selected to provide a robust, next-generation digital signage network in the electronics department designed to be more flexible, more relevant, and more cost-effective than the current system. In 2016, this network was upgraded to 4K, enabling 4K and HD content delivery to all TVs in the department. This followed with the 2017 deployment of a two-screen digital signage network in the Tire & Battery department of all clubs.

In late 2018, Wovenmedia worked with Sam’s Club to deploy a number of large-format end-cap and department screens at Sam’s Club Now in Dallas, Texas. Designed to be the epicenter of innovation for Sam’s Club, Sam’s Club Now supports an all-digital, mobile-first shopping experience powered by the Sam’s Club Now App.

Q: How important is digital technology for the future of the retail as we know it?

A: Digital signage technology is critical to the future of the in-store retail experience, and by extension, the online shopping experience. As brick-and-mortar retail chains look to compete more effectively in the e-commerce world against giants like Amazon, the interconnection and integration between screens in physical locations and digital experiences will be a key success factor. Shoppers will look for multiple ways to interact with brands through the physical-to- digital shopping journey – from engagement and interaction with screens that draw their attention while they shop in physical locations to affinity with e-commerce sites and their associated brands. As retailers look to make the physical shopping experience mirror the online experience, adoption of supporting digital signage technologies like AI, interactivity, audience measurement and analytics, and mobile connectivity will continue to grow.

Q: What are you most excited to share with your DSE 2020 audience?

A: Sam’s Club is at the forefront of retail innovation. The retailer has been evolving its in-club digital signage strategy over many years in line with ongoing learnings about how screens impact shopper engagement with brands. In this session, DSE attendees will learn how Sam’s Club’s thinking and strategies have evolved in line with supporting technologies – moving from the role of store-wide screens to category-specific screens to connectivity between personal devices and signage screens. The audience will also learn how Sam’s Club has figured out how to connect digital signage with a number of other leading-edge technologies to support a connected, digital-first, fully integrated retail experience at Sam’s Club Now.

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