Understanding the Meaning of Digital Signage Displays in Detail

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Understanding The Meaning Of Digital Signage Displays In Detail

Go General objectives that guide the activities and relationships of one state in its interactions with other states. Image source; youtube.com Understanding the Meaning of Digital Signage Displays in Detail Published on October 29, 2019 212 SHARES The digital signage displays are gaining a lot of popularity in recent years all around the world. The main reason behind its popularity is that it works really well in business in general. A lot of traction has Read More »

McDonald's celebrates 50 years of Big Macs with digital signage dance-off

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McDonald's has been consistently deploying digital signage, kiosks and other customer experience solutions inside their stores. The fast food giant is also deploying interactive experiences outdoors. McDonald's recently teamed up with JCDecaux Colombia to deliver a digital signage dance party. The companies deployed an interactive display at a JCDecaux Colombia bus shelter in Bogota to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its trademark sandwich: The Big Mac. The outdoor displays challenged users to a dance off Read More »

7 Digital Signage Trends For 2018

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7 Digital Signage Trends For 2018

1.The Digital Signage Market Will Grow In 2016, the global digital signage market was valued at over $19 billion, but it is expected to reach $32.84 billion in 2023, coming close to doubling in size. And we will definitely see some of that growth this year. Some of the elements that will contribute to this growth include: More widespread adoption of programmatic digital out-of-home advertising, which will further put this form of advertising in the Read More »

Digital Signage Software 2018 - Best Application Comparison

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Add to Compare ZionWorx by Jubilate Software      (52 reviews) View Profile High-quality, affordable church presentation software that does its job with no fuss. Download a 30-day fully-functional trial today! Learn more about ZionWorx Add to Compare TapHunter by TapHunter      (48 reviews) View Profile 5 stars for a reason! Instantly update TV & web menus. Showcase your brand with flexible & attractive templates. gettaphunter.com Learn more about TapHunter Add to Compare NoviSign Digital Signage by NoviSign      (28 reviews) Read More »

Digital Signage Software

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UCView UCView is a digital signage management solution designed for companies of all sizes. It offers content management, media storage and multi-screen display within a suite. The solution is available for both on-premise and cloud-based... Read More Rating:        (11) Price:      Business Size: S M L Platforms: Deployment: Visit Website Learn More  Broadsign Control Broadsign Control is a cloud-based digital signage solution that helps businesses to distribute ads and content across multiple screens. It caters to businesses of Read More »

Small displays make a big impact

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In the digital signage space, we tend to focus on making things bigger — larger displays, imposing video walls, projects with thousands of displays integrated throughout a facility. Small screens are often overshadowed by this rush to go big. But anyone who keeps a close eye on our industry knows that small displays are in the midst of big growth. Let's be clear — small form-factor displays are nothing new. But earlier efforts to integrate Read More »

Can digital signage, kiosks catch up to 5G?

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If you're finding it hard to keep up with the pace of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, don't expect it to get easier. At left, moderator Sue Marek of SDxCentral poses questions about 5G to Cristiano Amon of Qualcomm, Qi Lu of Baidu and Hans Vestberg of Verizon during a CES keynote presentation. 5G smartphones, which promise to boost data speeds and jumpstart cloud access, will be on retail store shelves in 2019, Read More »

How can digital signage deliver better retail experiences to lift sales?

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Retailers are in a constant state of intense competition, not just with each other, but also with online retailers. They also struggle to reach distracted customers, who would rather look up deals on their smartphones than pay attention to advertisements. So with all the competition, how can retailers get an edge? What role does digital signage play in both improving customer satisfaction and boosting the bottom line? Get the experience right It's impossible to get Read More »

3 elements to keep in mind when selecting a CMS

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When selecting a digital signage system, you have to consider a variety of moving parts. It's not as simple as selecting a device, plugged it in and letting it run. You have to consider what type of display to buy, what type of software to buy, how to product content and how to manage the content. Content management can be especially challenging, since you need to pick the right system that balances ease of use Read More »

5 ways to get the cash flowing with digital signage

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A digital signage solution can sometimes represent a hefty financial outlay, but the cost of digital signage can be offset by its income potential.  Whether you have corporate digital signage, digital signage for education, government digital signage, hospitality signage or whatever, your messages can not only end up paying for the whole deployment, but actually become a regular source of income for your organization. Monetize your screens Strategic partnerships with local business is a straightforward Read More »