Excellent Reasons to Quit Smoking Tobacco

Since you’re here and asking these questions, chances are you want to kick the habit but need a little motivation.

#1 Big Savings

Smoking is an expensive habit! Just work out how much you’re spending on tobacco each day and multiply that by 365. While you’re at it, factor in the cost of breath fresheners, frequent visits to the doctor, medications, increased health and life insurance rates, etc.


#2 Better Sleep

Studies have shown that smoking can alter clock gene expression in both the lungs and the brain, and nicotine withdrawal at night can contribute to sleep disturbances.

#3 Greater sens

Want to improve your sens life? Quit smoking cigarettes. It decreases blood flow to the genitals (and other body parts), diminishing sensual desire and performance.

#4 Food Tastes Better

Because your sense of smell somewhat returns to normal when you give up smoking, food tastes better. In fact, many ex-smokers report that their sense of taste was dramatically enhanced after quitting and that eating became a whole new experience.

#5 You Don’t Smell Like Smoke

Nobody likes the smell of stale cigarettes. Yet, that’s what smokers tend to smell like. Tobacco smoke clings to your home, your clothing, and your body, and nonsmokers (who have sharper senses) often struggle to tolerate the stench.

#6 Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Smoking increases heart rate and can cause irregular heart rhythms. It also raises blood pressure and tightens and damages important arteries, increasing your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

#7 Lower Risk of Cancer

Smoking is a major cause of cancer worldwide and can affect the mouth, lungs, urinary tract, liver, stomach, cervix, and various other body parts.

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